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For 50 Hours Nations Worship and Pray in the Jerusalem Prayer Tower

Oct 14th, 2011

Explosions of worship and prayer could be heard rising from the Jerusalem Prayer Tower the week leading up to Yom Kippur. Clint Glenny, a former pastor from Las Vegas, Nevada, led a group from the Republic of China Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong, who joined with the local intercessors to engage in 50 hours of round-the-clock prayer. It started at 2 P.M. on Tuesday, and lasted non-stop until 4 P.M. on Thursday. “The prayer room filled and overflowed with the nations entering into worship,” says John O., Prayer Tower Coordinator. “Dance, flags, shofars, stringed instruments, drums and hearts were caught up in this 50 hours of worship, adoring the Lord.”

One of the highlights of this time was the prayer for the U.N. Security Council in light of the relevant decisions now taking place. “[We were] crying out for the nations being weighed in the balance with the U.N. crises,” says Hilda Chen, a staff member at the Prayer Tower. A remarkable prophetic act was the representational building of the U.N. Security Council in the prayer room. A circle of intercessors, each representing the delegate from a specific country currently on the U.N. Council, sat around the Jerusalem City flag. The symbolism was that Jerusalem would be a plumb line for the nations. The intercessors then each prayed for the country they represented and the respective U.N. delegate, asking for mercy and discernment as these nations are weighed in this Valley of Decision.

Besides intercession, there was much worship and “soaking” in God’s presence. Fay M., a volunteer at the Prayer Tower says, “we worshipped and danced more than anything.” Right from the outset, Glenny set forth that there would be no agenda, no intentional prayer points, just adoring the Lord and allowing him to reveal his heart--and the night hours were no exception. “Ever wakeful, the Spirit inspired those gathered to intercede with angelic forces throughout the early morning hours, as prayer flowed continuously throughout the waves of worship,” says John. The final hours escalated with the joy of the Lord and an exuberance of victory. During the concluding prayer watch, intercessors gazed into the eyes of Yeshua, being led in worship by Steve Carpenter and the Levite Praise Team from Taiwan. A prophetic word was spoken that a season of “suddenly’s” was coming to the body of Messiah, for which we must wait and not try to manufacture. The prophetic word also declared that numerous shifts were coming, and that members of the body must be ready to move at a moment’s notice. The 50 hours left many wanting more. “There’s more [for] the prayer room and more of His presence. He’s not brought us here to this point to maintain or go down the mountain,” says Chen, “He came to increase vision in a time where Israel desperately needs us.”

Contributed by Matt Escobar, Jerusalem Prayer Tower Staff