Here is a collection of all the prayer and intercession-related sermons and articles from King of Kings Community Jerusalem. Links lead to the appropriate page on the kkcj.org website.

Building Prayer Culture - Part 2 - Part 4

by Chad Holland in Sermons on Jan 24th, 2016
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In part 2 of the topic building a prayer culture, Pastor Chad elaborates on the different houses of prayer that was found in the bible and what a house of prayer represents for us today.

Building Prayer Culture - Part 1 - Part 3

by Chad Holland in Sermons on Jan 17th, 2016
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Pastor Chad talks in this teaching about God defining his house as a house prayer and elaborates on the priority of prayer in one personal life. What is prayer? What makes it essential and how to pray.

Announcing His Kingdom - Part 1

by Chad Holland in Sermons on Sep 13th, 2015
An in-depth teaching on Rosh HaShanah!

Throne Room Praise, Power, and Influence

by John Ott in Articles on Mar 24th, 2015
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The following message has stirred in my heart these past years in the Jerusalem Prayer Tower, applying to leaders carrying a sphere of influence to others for kingdom advancement.

Vertical: Have You Forgotten? - Part 2

by Wayne Hilsden in Sermons on Nov 2nd, 2014
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In week two of our series on "Vertical", Pastor Wayne preaches a timely and challenging message about returning to our First Love.