Here is a collection of all the prayer and intercession-related sermons and articles from King of Kings Community Jerusalem. Links lead to the appropriate page on the kkcj.org website.

Vertical: What Do You Bring? - Part 1

by Wayne Hilsden in Sermons on Oct 19th, 2014
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Pastor Wayne kicks off our Vertical series by talking about what we bring to God when we approach him in worship.

Joy in the Trials

by Chad Holland in Sermons on Oct 20th, 2013
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Chad Holland, senior pastor at Bri't Hadasha, talks about how we as believers have not always been promised a good and easy life, but rather, we are challenged with trials and tribulation. "How should we respond to this?" asks Chad. It's time we take a closer look at what the Word says. Join us on this exciting journey of personal testimony and how we can change our own lives and attitudes by this incredible teaching.

Caleb and the SWOT team

by Wayne Hilsden in Sermons on Jul 14th, 2013

Pastor Wayne teaches on counting the cost of your battle through SWOT - (Strengths Weakness Opportunities and Threats) and relying on God’s strength to overcome them all.  In the end it’s not about the amount of faith we have but who we have our faith in!

Taking Authority

by Ann Hilsden in Articles on Oct 10th, 2012
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God has given us authority that we rarely if ever use.  We sigh and look at our circumstances gloomily, forgetting that we can pray.  We resign ourselves to poverty, sickness, broken relationships, and loss as if it is all beyond our control.  I'm not suggesting we try and "boss" God, but He has given us authority, in prayer, in wisdom and in decisive actions that flow from a transformed heart and a renewed mind.

Global Praise and Prayer Brings the Kingdom to Mt Zion - Sermon Notes

by John Ott in Articles on Sep 4th, 2012
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Yeshua's kingdom is coming back to Mt. Zion through mankind's cooperation with heaven through global corporate praise and prayer. When you and I pray around the globe, we exercise our dominion and authority as sons and daughters of God to release His kingdom power on earth as it is in heaven.