Prayer Points Archive

August 2016

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. For by it the men of old gained approval.

    • We will take the perspective of faith, that the Word of God always accomplishes that which it sets out to accomplish.
    • We will believe in prayer for our children's ministry that many many young lives will be impacted by the gospel of truth which sets us free. We will pray that their minds and hearts would be awakened to the light of Yeshua and that faith would arise in their hearts.
    • We believe in faith for finances for all the ministries at King of Kings. We purpose our heart in gratitude for we know that he does not withhold from us any good thing. Let us continue to be convicted of what we do not yet see and assured of what we continue to hope for.
    • We hold all the new Kings school of Media students up in prayer. We pray that through any transitional difficulties and adjustments that they would be surrounded with God's presence, taking the perspective of faith that his purposes never change despite our ever changing circumstances.
    • We lift up in prayer all those that are involved in our manna soup kitchen. We position our hearts in a perspective of faith that though we may be hard pressed on every side we are certainly never destroyed. We place our hope in in the goodness and faithfulness of God; We do not allow our circumstances to define God but allow God to define our circumstances.