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Tisha b’av

Aug 14th, 2016

We are entering into to Tisha B'av, a time of reflection and commemoration of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. This year will mark 1946 years since it's destruction in the year 70 CE. For the people of Israel this continues to be a time of solemn reflection and mourning.

Let's be clear, Yeshua is the true Temple of God. The temple which stood in Jerusalem was only ever a temporary house. Yeshua told the Pharisees that he was greater than their Temple in Jerusalem. He is the divine presence of God, which tabernacles among us and communes with us every moment of every day.

For many who continue to mourn the destruction of the Temple, Yeshua remains ‘the stone that causes them to stumble.’ While the Temple in Jerusalem stood it signified that the way into God’s presence had not yet been disclosed. It stood as an obstacle to those who would worship in spirit and in truth and as a barrier to the Gentiles coming to faith in the one true God.

At the moment Yeshua's flesh was destroyed and the curtain in the Temple was torn in two, the eternal purpose of God was accomplished (Ephesians 3: 11). We now stand completely righteous, able to boldly enter into the fullness of his divine presence.

Tisha B’Av must become for us a time to rejoice that the Temple’s foretold destruction signifies that the way into God’s presence has now been opened through Yeshua. We must earnestly pray that the people’s hearts continue to be softened so that they see in Him their hope and the embodiment of the Temple they so yearn to see reestablished.