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The Feast of Purim March 20-21st 2011

Mar 15th, 2011

The Feast of Purim
The Jerusalem Prayer Tower will participate with Israel's National  Esther Fast commemorating God's salvation of the Jewish people.
Fast March 16th evening - 17th evening, 2011.   Adar 5771


The Biblical fast in the Book of Esther was for three days with no food or water.
The traditional Jewish fast this year is one day from sundown Wednesday
March 16th through sundown Thursday March 17th.
During this 24-hour period we will be involved in three ways:

1. Fasting:

Inquire of the Lord the type of fast He will have you keep this Purim.

2. Scripture readings:

The Book of Esther, chapters 1-9.
Select certain verses the Lord highlights in the reading and use for
prophetic declaration.

Zechariah: 12:2-3, 6-10; 13:1, 8-9; 14:1-9

Romans Chapters 9-11.

3. Prayer/ Intercession

Pray and intercede according to the themes /specific verses of the
above scriptures with these main prayer directives:

• Salvation for the Jewish people.
• Salvation for the Muslim people.
• Release Biblical decrees to roll back the flood of the “Haman”
  spirit manifest in anti-Semitism.
• Strengthen the Messianic Body in Israel.
• Prepare the Bride in Israel and the Nations (Jew and Gentile) to
  stand victorious in the events of the End Times leading to the
  Second Coming of Yeshua.

The Book of Esther:
Haman in the Book of Esther was an Agagite 3:1, an enemy of the Jews 8:1

He was a descendent of Amalek who devised a plan in Persia, (modern day Iran) to wipe out the Jews.

Amalekites did not fear God and attacked the
Israelites as they were coming out of Egypt.  Deuternonomy 25:17-19

Amalek was to be warred against "from generation to generation," Exodus 17:14-16

Even in our generation today we have the same spirit of Amalek/Haman
devising plans against the Lord and His covenant people.

Moses won the battle by hands lifted in intercession.
“Let our prayers be set before You as incense, the lifting up of my
hands as an evening sacrifice”  Psalm 141: 2


Hilda Chen
Jerusalem Prayer Tower