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“Lion of Judah Roar”—A Prophetic Declaration in Song

Dec 9th, 2011

As evening settled over Jerusalem on December 20th, we lit the first candle of Hanuka in a praise watch unto the Lord together within the Jerusalem Prayer Tower, adding one candle per day for all eight days commemorating the historical multiplication of oil miracle when the temple of God in Jerusalem was re-dedicated to the LORD after defilement.

We welcome the entrance of the Light of the World through worship in this Hanuka (Dedication) holiday, He being the Cornerstone of the Temple which was laid in Zion, Yeshua our Savior.  It was during winter that He walked on Solomon's temple porch at Hanuka's Dedication feast as the Gospel of John records.

Following Yeshua, may you receive His light and the Holy Spirit's infilling today, reflecting His character to walk in overcoming love in this world.

Click the link below to hear a declaration in song from a core staff psalmist Karen Ellard, ministering daily in the Jerusalem Prayer Tower.

From all of us in the Tower, be blessed with a Spirit-filled Hanuka!