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Esther Fast of 3 Days March 7,8,9—Purim

Feb 21st, 2012

The Biblical month of Adar, a month of joyful gladness for God's salvation from death's dark decrees arrives at sundown, February 23rd.  We will rejoice in all God's works to come this new month commencing praises to our King at 5PM in the Jerusalem Prayer Tower on Rosh Chodesh and every day of our lives, filling our lamps with the oil of our God that we may shine brightly in a dark world.

As we daily praise, worship and pray here in the Jerusalem Prayer Tower the LORD laid it on few of our team's hearts to fast a Biblical Esther Fast for three days commencing at sundown on Tuesday, March 6th through Friday sundown, March 9th.

In the book of Ezra the people rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, repairing and restoring the gates.  Together they fasted and prayed for 3 days repenting of sin within their community, that of intermarriage with foriegn wives who served other gods.  Today this could symbolize a lifestyle reflecting mixture in our heart regarding serving God or following after the dictates of the world.  As the story of Israel's defeat at ancient Ai in the conquest of Cannan following God's great victory at the walls of Jericho reminds us, sin has to be removed from the camp so God might give the victory.  In that case, Achan and his entire family paid the price for disobediance.  How wonderful we can now find atonement for our sin with a lifestyle of regular repentance in relationship with the LORD.

In contrast, Queen Esther in Babylon called the Jewish people to fast and pray for protection and salvation from their enemies who wished to destroy them from without, finding favor for her request in the place of intimacy with the King.  

Please join with us in the Jerusalem Prayer Tower for this Esther Fast.  During the evening watch on Thursday the 8th of March, 4--6PM we will pray especially into these two aspects of the fast.

We also announce a new audio teaching series on the Life of David by author Mike Bickle beginning this week on Wednesday mornings at 9AM--10AM preceeded by a half hour of morning praise and worship.  Let us ask God together to raise up worshipers in this land like David, men and women with hearts after the heart of the LORD.