About the JPT

The Team

  1. John & Tikvah Ott
    Prayer Tower Director and Watch Leaders

    John is the leader of the Jerusalem Prayer Tower and with Tikvah by his side they make a strong team. John is orginally from Wisconsin, although he recently achieved his Israeli citizenship. Tikvah has a gift for dance and can be found leading dances in the Prayer Tower or outside the Old City. They and their two precious twin girls are a blessing to our team and to all those who visit the Prayer Tower.

  1. Jerry & Karen Ellard
    Prayer Watch Leaders

    We usually know if someone is asking for the Ellards if the first word they use is "accent." Hailing from Alabama, Jerry and Karen have incredibly sweet hearts, and southern drawls. They originally joined us a few years ago and have been serving ever since. They work together, leading worship and prayer watches that utilize some of Karen's own songs. They are just as kind and sweet as a good Southern couple should be and you'll be lucky to meet them.